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REDES is a community service organization, officially registered in Sénégal in August 2015. its headquarters are located in the eco-community of Guédé Chantier (7,000 Iinhabitants, North of Senegal) but the organization is already present in Baol communities (Central region of Senegal), on the Ile à Morphil (or Elephant Island) and in Salahel ecovillage (Southern Mauritania).

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Creation and development of ecovillage in Senegal : PUMA and REDES in partnership

The PUMA (Emergency Program for the Modernization of the Axes and Border Territories) and the REDES (Network for the Emergence and Development of Ecovillages in the Sahel), signed Wednesday, September 11, 2018 in the premises of the PUMA, a framework convention of Both organizations have realized that by working together, they can bring out many …

Theo’s report

Hello everyone! The following is a brief account of my week spent in the eco-commune of Guédé Chantier, in northern Senegal. It was there that I was able, thanks to Dr. Pame and his invaluable help, to do part of my research internship on ecovillage movement in Senegal for my Master’s degree on ecosystem services …