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REDES is a community service organization, officially registered in Sénégal in August 2015. its headquarters are located in the eco-community of Guédé Chantier (7,000 Iinhabitants, North of Senegal) but the organization is already present in Baol communities (Central region of Senegal), on the Ile à Morphil (or Elephant Island) and in Salahel ecovillage (Southern Mauritania).

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Theo’s report

Hello everyone! The following is a brief account of my week spent in the eco-commune of Guédé Chantier, in northern Senegal. It was there that I was able, thanks to Dr. Pame and his invaluable help, to do part of my research internship on ecovillage movement in Senegal for my Master’s degree on ecosystem services …

Sabine Gunther’s report

Report on my stay at Guédé Chantier from March 18 to April 12, 2018 Working in the field of sustainable development in Tunisia, I discovered REDES and its president Ousmane Pame when searching for ecovillages and permaculture practices in Sub-Saharan Africa.