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Guédé Chantier, first eco-commune of Senegal

Founded by French colonists in 1933, Guédé Chantier has approximately 7,000 inhabitants and is located on the banks of the Doué River, in the Senegal River valley. The first inhabitants of the village originated from; different villages in the historic kingdom of Fouta, Mauritania, and French Sudan (present-day Mali). They were brought by force to develop, as far as agriculture is concerned, the Guédé basin.

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The Ecovillage of Salayel Looboudou Shows the Way in the Sahel

Situated in the administrative region of Brakna, in the south of Mauritania and on the border of the Tiger Senegal, the village of Salayel Loboudou (in Pulaar the name means little bridge of the corner), is in the middle of succeeding in a silent green revolution from which the entire Sahel should draw inspiration.

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LAHEL Permaculture Demonstration Site

Proposal Summary : The Lahel Permaculture Demonstration Site aims to plant 2,500 fruit, vegetable, and medicinal plants on a hectare of land in the northern region of Senegal. An agroforestry project will help to jugulate the massive wind and soil erosion; provide essential fruits and medicinal plants to the community, combat malnutrition and desertification.

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