Conditions for joining the Network for the Emergence & Development of Ecovillages in the Sahel

The Network for the Emergence and Development of Ecovillages in the Sahel (REDES) is open to the village communities of the Sahelian region wishing to become a Member. To become a member of REDES:

  • the village organizes an inclusive community meeting to present the principles and practices of ecovillages, at the end of which the village community addresses an application for collective membership to the REDES. The minutes of the meeting as well as the duly attended attendance sheet detailing the participants’ telephone / electronic contacts are sent by post or e-mail to the Chairman of the Network who submits it to the members of the Bureau for temporary validation and at the meeting approval for final approval.
  • the village community applying for REDES membership appends a description (history, socio-economic and cultural activities) and photographs of the village. This document should also indicate the environmental conservation programs underway and / or envisaged by the community.
  • the community commits to holding monthly meetings and sending reports of meetings and activities to the President of REDES, who disseminates them in the Network.
  • the village community designates a coordinator and an assistant with access to the Internet and can be contacted if necessary to facilitate communication between the REDES and the village community.

NB : These conditions may be amended by the General Assembly