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Reforestation summer camps in the eco-community of Guede Chantier (Senegal) with the support of its twin sister, the ecovillage of Damanhur (Italy)

Context : The eco-community of Guede Chantier is located in the very north of Senegal, in the Sahel region, close to the Sahara desert. In the past five decades, Guede like all the villages in Senegal River Valley, affected by desertification due to climate change and also to the economic activities in the region.

As a result of environmental degradation, heat peaks in May, sand storms in August, irregular rainy seasons, mass impoverishment, rural exodus and immigration are the daily realities of most people in the region.

The vision of REDES (Network for Ecovillage Emergence and Development in the Sahel) is to reverse the environmental degradation and poverty.

REDES and Damanhur are planning to support the population of Guede in its fight against environment degradadtion and community vulnerability by organizing regular reforesting campaigns in and around Guede.

The first edition is scheduled to take place between mid August and mid November 2017 and has the ambition of planting 1500 trees.

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Lahel Permaculture Project Small

In the middle, the Mayor of Gamadji Saré, Mr. Thierno Kalidou Ndiaye. On his left, Dr. Ousmane Aly PAME, President of REDES and GEN Africa

Under the leadership of REDES (Network for the Emergence and Development of Ecovillages in the Sahel, a sub-regional organization affiliated to the World Ecovillage Network (www.redes-ecovillages.org), community development actors, Mauritanians and Senegalese, engaged in the fight against desertification and the socio-economic impoverishment of their soil, met on Saturday, August 04, 2018 on the demonstration site permacole of Lahel (Senegal), in order to share their experiences and adopt concerted strategies of exit of crisis.

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