REDES is a community service organization, officially registered in Sénégal in August 2015. its headquarters are located in the eco-community of Guédé Chantier (7,000 Iinhabitants, North of Senegal) but the organization is already present in  Baol communities (Central region of Senegal), on the Ile à Morphil (or Elephant Island) and in  Salahel ecovillage (Southern Mauritania).

REDES intends to expand its activities in the Sahel, a region that is heavily impacted by droughts, floodings, desertification, sandstorms, land erosion and a growing depletion of ecosystems and traditional community activities like farming, fishing and trading.

The results of the large scale environmental degradation in the region are socio-economic impoverishment, massive immigration and also recurrent tensions between communities, farmers and fishermen.