Academic programs

International and local students
International and local students in a rural health center

REDES organizes service learning programmes in rural areas to support ecovillage intiatives. These programmes bring international and local students to work on community projects in villages.  In their daily interactions with their families, service learning supervisors, community leaders, they develop a deep understanding of the local social realities and dynamics.

In January 2016 and 2017, REDES organized an Ecovillage Design course for students from City College of New York City (CCNY) and  Cheikh Anta Diop University ( UCAD).

In addition to helping with the construction of two classrooms in Halwar, CCNY and UCAD  students worked in the following areas for their service learning;

  • Islam and Environment preservation
  • Preservation of the griot cultural heritage
  • Traditional medicine and Health Center
  • Women’s permaculture project
  • English language classes for the eco-guards
  • REDES management

REDES is partnering with CAPE ( to scale up such programmes in rural areas in Senegal in order to generate more transformative processes in the host communities.