Gaols & objectives

REDES is committed to play an active part in bringing relevant solutions to the complex environmental and socio-economic challenges communities in the region are facing in their daily lives.

REDES envisions a green, prosperous and peaceful Sahel where all human communities enjoy natural abundance and cultural diversity.

The objectives of REDES are to :

  •  promote the best ecovillage practices to fulfill the vision of a green and peaceful Sahel,
  •  train local youth and women associations to regenerate and preserve the ecosystems of the region
  •  influence local leaders and decision-makers for the preservation of the Sahel environment and biodiversity
  • promote social entrepreneurship for thriving green local businesses
  • promote gender balance and social justice for more harmonious communities in the Sahel
  • preserve our cultural heritage, sacred sites, traditional medicine and local technologies
  • weave local and international alliances to strengthen peace-building, income generating and environmental friendly initiatives in the Sahel Region.
  • educate partners from around the world on the Sahel socio-economic, cultural and environmental realities to build strong alliances with local decision makers and local actors..